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Great Teens

By Akosua Baah, Ilhan Nur 10/3/22

We’ve all been in a situation where all we need is someone to help us figure things out. We hope to be that someone to our fellow students here at Tucker High School. As Tucker Gems, we strive to ensure that your voices are heard.

For Today’s Topic, we have: “My friend is ignoring me. I DID NOTHING!!!”

Jade: I want you to try to recall the last time you spoke with your friend and try to remember what you two said to each other. Was something said that could have been misunderstood? This might help you get a general idea of why your friend is ignoring you, but the only way to truly know why your friend is ignoring you is to ask them about it personally. Communication is the key to life. It is important to not only our life, but our relationships too. If you never communicate with your friend, you are never going to find out why they are ignoring you. Knowing the truth no matter how hard it is can sometimes be better than not knowing at all.

Ruby: When the people we care about suddenly cut contact, it can be hard to deal with. This is especially true when the person who’s ignoring you is someone important. It can bring so many emotions to the surface. Be sure not to let your negative emotions control your actions and try talking to your friend, ask them what the problem is and figure out how you may have contributed to it. I know that you said that you don’t feel as if you were at fault for what happened with your friend, but maybe what you did was accidental. If even after searching you still can’t find a reason your friend could be upset with you, look for other sources like problems at home or stress.

All you can do from there is try your best to make whatever it is right. Apologize or offer support if needed. But, if even after all of that your friend continues to ignore you, I think it may be time for you to find new company.

Keep your head up!

- Jade and Ruby ♡

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