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Crochet pattern of the month.

By Shaila Thomas 10/3/22

Crochet Pattern of the Month

With Halloween around the corner, we want you to keep in style with this vogue-worthy, crochet mini tote bag; composed of two wickedly, dazzling themes to suit your designer taste. This chic necessity features a Deathly Skull and a Haunted Heart. With every art there’s a story behind it…what’s yours?

Granny Squares



Deathly Skull

Video Link: Totally Stitchcraft -Sarah

Perfect for even beginners of crochet, this video follows a step-by-step , visual demonstration, and consists of the following stitches: a magic circle (starting piece), Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, and Double Crochet. If you are unfamiliar with these terms, do not fret as she explains each one. The woman in the video does move slightly fast and pausing the video is extremely helpful. Despite this, I found this video especially delightful as each movement was clearly shown and the end result was the perfect replica of what was advertised.

Haunted Heart

Video Link: Savannah Fletcher

This granny square was simple yet detailed and exactly what I needed to couple with the skull design. While the pattern revealed a patchwork background, I quickly became attracted to the difference in style. As they say, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” (Every pun intended). This video was visibly slower than the former and incredibly educational. For this particular pattern, I did stop at round 2 as it was quickly becoming bigger than what was anticipated but, the size depends on your preference, I also made sure to stretch out my final product as I found it shaped better this way.


The handle used was a simplistic one, consisting of 2 rows. The amount of chains is up to you, but I chained up to 60.

To join each square, simply single crochet them together and attach the handle.

#crocheths to show your final product!