Crochet Today 

The Yarn Pirates: Tucker High School’s very own high society circle

“One thing I’ve always wanted to do was get a gang together and go yarn bombing like they did in ‘01”

~ Ms. G. Johnson AKA Ginger the Knitter

Dearest Readers,

You may have felt an odd chill in the weather or noticed a sudden twitch in your fingers , do not be alarmed. This is merely the symptoms of  “Yarning Fever” , a non-fatal illness that usually occurs during the season of new beginnings . A group of elite individuals, all well familiar with “Yarning Fever” joined forces and re-established the forgotten club and its craft.

They go by many names: The Crochet Oles, The Knit Witters, The Yarn Pirates, The HH, but in the end they’re all the same; a band of classy students, with a hook in one hand, a ball of yarn in the other, and always a cup of tea by their side.  This is Tucker High School’s very own high society circle. Meeting every Thursday after school, they are surrounded by sugary cakes, frosted cookies, popping tarts, and exotic teas. Crafted in this granny-haven, are everyday items made by hand and purely of yarn. Learn how to start a side hustle and transform from low life to high life. Led by Ginger the Knitter, the buccaneers eventually intend to yarn bomb the City of Tucker and dominate the city with their skills.

“Make a good decision and join Tucker’s inclusive and friendly joint. Welcoming men, women and others, teachers, students and staff. Bring your supplies and visit us at B209, before it’s too late.”

Yours Truly,

Shaila Thomas