Tucker Eats

Restaurant Reviews

by Luke Friedman and Sabrina Price

Pho Dai Lo

Pho Dai Lo #2 is a Vietnamese style restaurant located in Atlanta, on Buford Hwy. Luke ordered a

medium Pho #5, which is noodle soup with eye round steak, well-done flank, marble brisket, soft

tendon, and tripe. Sabrina ordered a medium Pho #9, which is noodle soup with eye round steak and

well-done flank.

*this conversation is edited and clipped from an original conversation between Sabrina and Luke*...by edited and

clipped I mean that most of the nonsensical banter was removed.

Sabrina : Luke, don't touch it yet!! I haven’t gotten my picture.

Luke : They look the same to me.

Sabrina : They do, which is like a problem...’cause I don’t want all that stuff that’s in yours.

Luke : Well, mine has more stuff in it...I think.

Sabrina : Oh god.

Luke : If they gave me your bowl and said it was mine, I would not be able to tell.

Sabrina : This is a lot of food...it came fast though.

Luke : I’m sure a lot of this is water, or soup I mean.


Luke : Oh, so this is the tripe right here.

Sabrina : I thought tripe was fish??

Luke : I don’t know, let me google it.

Luke : It’s the edible linings from the stomachs of various farm animals. Interesting.

Sabrina : What.

Sabrina : I’m gonna bring like five of these(sets of chopsticks) home.

Luke : I’m gonna give it a try now. You want?

Sabrina : No, I'm quite okay Luke.

Luke : A little bit chewy. It’s kinda fuzzy, mhm. The taste is pretty neutral.

Luke : So this must be the uncooked steak? It’s very thin.

Sabrina : I can’t find my noodles.

Luke : Check all the way at the bottom.

Sabrina : Oh these(the noodles) are too good.

Luke : This(the meal) is so interesting.

Sabrina : The steak is good too hmm..maybe more seasoning.

Luke : These noodles are so white compared to the ramen I eat at home.

Sabrina : It’s ‘cause these noodles are in broth, and the ones we usually eat have a seasoning mixed in

them, which changes the color. I’m so smart.

Luke : Is this onion right here?

Luke : Oh that is not onion!


Sabrina : Luke, ask him for extra utensils.

Luke : Huh?

Sabrina : I don’t wanna ask him, you do it.

Luke : Excuse me(to the waiter).

Sabrina : Luke don’t ask so loudly!

Luke : I don’t know, how do you want me to ask him? Sign language?


Luke : The broth is nice, no idea how to describe it but it is pretty good. Have you tried your meat?

Sabrina : Mhm.

Luke : What do you think?

Sabrina : Both meats are nice, and not too chewy. I don’t like a lot of fat on my meat though, so that

knocks it down some. But the meal itself is so savory, and at the perfect temperature. These noodles are

literally so good, I should get a bowl of them to go home.


Luke : You don’t like bacon..?

Sabrina : Not really, no.

Luke : Mm. Not very surprising.

Sabrina : What are you, inhaling your food? Not very surprising...

Luke : Well, it’s pretty good.

Luke : Look at these paintings, they’re so interesting.

Sabrina : I wonder if I could sneak a picture of them...

Luke : I could take them.

Sabrina : You are not going to take pictures of these folks’ place!

Luke : I can get the pictures without them knowing.

Sabrina : Good grief.

Luke : If you want me to.

Sabrina : Juvenile. How did you like your food?

Luke : This is a really good size for this price. The meat in mine is a little tough but it’s still good. The

noodles are good too, but this broth is great. The ___ is my favorite part.

Sabrina : I wonder if they have to-go boxes?

Luke : Maybe they have those, like, little plastic containers? (They did, in fact, have those.)


Luke : There’s peppers in here.

Sabrina : You gonna eat them?

Luke : Yeah.

Luke : They’ve got a kick.

Luke : Ahem.

Sabrina : Mhm, just a kick?

Luke : The seeds probably make them spicier. Let me drink my water.

Sabrina : Can’t handle your spice?


Sabrina : I can’t finish the rest. These are some large portions for a medium...

Luke : Ask them for a to-go box.

Sabrina : You ask for a to-go box.

Luke : You can’t do anything yourself. Ok.


Luke : I have returned with the to-go container.

Sabrina : Yay!

Luke : How are we supposed to get this in here?

Sabrina : Uh..

Luke : What did they give us a bag for?

Sabrina : I think it goes in the container and then the container goes in the bag.

Luke : No, I have an idea. What if we pour it into the bag, and then stuff it in the container.

Sabrina : That’s a stupid idea.

Luke : No it’ll work, trust me.


Sabrina : Luke, there’s broth everywhere!

Luke : It worked.

Sabrina : Look at the table.

Luke : We’ll wipe it.

Sabrina : It’s spilling out the container?!

Luke : Nah, it’ll be fine. (It was not fine, and we had to cover the container in twenty napkins to

prevent it from spilling all over the car.)

Yokohama Sushi

I (Sabrina) have always been an extremely picky eater. Not the average picky, but I don’t eat any

condiments and I hate strawberries picky. I eat everything in its plainest form, like tacos or burgers with

just meat and cheese. I often refuse to explore out of my rudimentary palette, which is the initial reason

we began this article. This month, we settled on sushi, which I was not very happy to try.

Yokohama Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located in Doraville, GA. They serve fresh sushi and Japanese

homestyle dishes. They are open twice a day, six days a week, for lunch and dinner. However,

Monday-Wednesday are lunch hours only. When walking into the restaurant, you are met with

beautiful wooden architecture. There is soft music playing in the background, and the lights are dim,

but not enough to the point where you struggle to see.

(Sabrina) : We ordered the Alaskan Roll ($12.00), the California Roll ($8.00), and two BBQ Eel Hand

Rolls ($6.00 each). An Alaskan Roll is made up of rice, seaweed, crab, avocado, and cucumber with a

slice of sushi-grade salmon on top. This roll was my least favorite, because there were too many

different textures. The salmon felt rubbery, the cucumber was crunchy, the rice was grainy, and the

avocado was creamy, which caused a sensory overload that I did not enjoy. I also have a specific distaste

for seafood that is not salmon or shrimp. A California Roll consists of the same ingredients as an

Alaskan Roll, minus the salmon. As I'm sure you can assume, I did not like the California Roll either,

for the same reasons. The BBQ Eel Hand Roll was a seaweed wrapped roll with cucumber, cooked

BBQ eel, and rice. I had never had eel before, but it was the roll that I disliked the least. For me, it was

the only roll out of the ones we had where the textures did not clash. Unfortunately, I did not actually

like any of the rolls we tried, but I believe that it was mainly because of the textures.

(Luke) : Yokohama Sushi is a high quality sushi restaurant. The ingredients are fresh and the food is

well priced. In total, we ordered three rolls and left spending about $40. The California Roll is one of

the more well known types of sushi. It pairs well with the soy sauce, and while it does have an unusual

mix of textures, it was very good. The next type of sushi we got was the Alaskan Roll. It is very similar

to the California Roll however, it has salmon on top. While it had a slightly different taste, it was

similar to the California Roll in both taste and texture. The final roll that we got was the BBQ Eel

Hand Roll, which was different from the other rolls because rather than being cut into smaller pieces,

it came as one large roll. In terms of taste, it was my favorite out of the three, but it was still not perfect.

The seaweed used to wrap around the roll in order to hold the roll together was tough, and made the

roll slightly annoying to eat. In all, I would recommend Yokohama sushi to anyone who either enjoys

sushi, or would like to try it.

Bombay Kitchen

Bombay Kitchen is an Indian restaurant located in Tucker, GA. They are known for modern

interpretations of classic dishes in the culture. When walking in, you are met with patterned walls, and

ruby red tables. The staff was welcoming and greeted everyone that came through the door. The tables

were neat, and the music playing was at just the right volume.

I, Sabrina, ordered the Chicken Tikka Masala ($13.99), which came with rice as well. Because I

don’t like mixing my foods, I ate everything separately first. The chicken was embedded in a tomato

and cream based sauce, which was rich in flavor and spices. The rice combined with the sauce and

chicken was a heavenly mix, and sent my taste buds into euphoria. I also had garlic naan ($2.50) and

vegetable samosas ($3.99). Contrary to thinking that I would enjoy it, the garlic naan was not my

favorite. I don’t like garlic bread much, so I thought that the garlic flavoring was overpowering. As for

the vegetable samosa, I paired it with green chutney, a mint cilantro condiment. The samosa was not

my favorite, because I thought the sauce did not pair well with the samosa, which I did not enjoy on its

own either.

I, Luke, ordered the Bombay Curry Chicken ($12.99), which is a dish made up of boneless chicken

and rice. The chicken is doused in a creamy curry sauce. I began by mixing both the chicken and rice

together, since they were served on separate plates. The meat combined with the sauce went very well

together, with just the perfect amount of spice. I had high expectations for the garlic naan and I was

not disappointed. I had a little suspicion when trying the vegetable samosas, and in the end, they were

definitely not my favorite component of the full meal.

All things considered, we thoroughly enjoyed our meal. The service was nice, and the pricing was

nice in comparison to the amount of food that the customer receives. Although we enjoyed our meal,

we wish that there were more choices when it came to beverages. Besides that, we definitely

recommend having lunch from Bombay Kitchen. Sabrina approved.