Staff of the Month

“I think highschool is a place to find and meet your potential and make memories. My goal is to help them with both” 

    - Dr. Eric Parker

This issue’s staff of the month is the one and only Dr. Eric Parker. Tucker High School’s exceptional principal is a dependable executive, who has dedicated his career to ensure the students in his building continue to set new precedents and reach new heights. For him everyday brings new opportunities, and throughout his 14 plus years in the education industry he has helped several generations of students from all walks of life.

Of these 14 years, 5 of them were spent as a principal at Tucker. 

But his time at this school didn’t start then. 

In fact Dr. Parker graduated and became an alumni of Tucker almost 25 years ago in 1995, a year after his wife. As family is an integral part of his lifestyle, he takes a lot of pride in them. His only wish for his 3 daughters, “Achieve everything you can, and be the best you can be”.

A sentiment he hopes to instill in all his students. Dr. Parker’s favorite time of the school year is the very beginning and the very end, “Seeing all the freshmen walk through those doors eager to learn, seeing them find and exceed their potential, then graduate four years later is a feeling you just can’t beat. I just hope as their principal I am able to facilitate an environment for them to thrive and enjoy”. 

When Dr. Parker isn’t hard at work in his office or patrolling the halls: he's spending time with his family, reading, exercising, traveling or living his glory days; tearing up a basketball court. Give him a high five if you see him, he’s always happy to help his students even if it’s just a 5 minute conversation.