Teacher of the Month

Ms. Sun Min, the April teacher of the month, uses her platform as a

chorus and piano teacher to bring music into the lives of her

students. She invites her students to fall in love with music as she

has, and her students are drawn in by her bubbly and magnetic


Music has always been a part of Ms. Min’s life. Born to musicians,

she picked up the love for the piano and singing at a young age. She

originally went to the University of Georgia for a degree in Piano

performance but picked up a degree in Music Education by the time

she graduated.

Ms. Min has been teaching at Tucker High School ever since 2019.

Being a teacher during the pandemic had its challenges. However,

teaching Chorus and Piano during the pandemic was an even bigger

struggle. Ms. Min not only had to deal with the shrinking attention span of her students due to virtual

learning, but she had to maintain a chorus and piano program while not being allowed to hold concerts

or performances. Because of this, Ms. Min feels like this is the first year that she is getting the

opportunity to teach completely. Ms. Min enjoys teaching high school students. With them she feels like

she can make real music with them.

In her free time, Ms. Min likes staying active. She enjoys hiking with her Australian Shepard named

Teddy. She also enjoys running and is training for a marathon.

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