Diamond in the Rough

by THS Students

"Diamond in the Rough"


Hser Eh Wah

I am a diamond in the rough

a product of hardwork and devotion 

I came to grasp and learn new stuff 

a youth with classwork and determination 

I am an English speaker 

a person who has lost their native tongue

I know my Thai is weaker

it’s because I haven’t spoken for so long 

I am an immigrant 

it’s not to be ashamed of

I came from descent 

whom I don’t even know of

I am a Christian

from a congregation of love

I know I am a creation 

from my GOD I seek up above 

I strive to be perfect for my parents

who provide all that they can

I am however only an adolescent

who is not yet a woman 

I hope this world realizes I am enough

a person worthy of admiration

I hope they’ll know I am that diamond in the rough 

a person who is part of this nation