I am Poem

by Misty Luu

I am from an ascendent of my ancestors 

Nothing but sweet bliss patiently waiting to be fulfilled

I am from a sister of another mother 

I come from a variety of backgrounds

Reflecting on determination and independence

I am a conflicted child

I grow from trauma described like a flower

I am delicate

I am a reserved being with a full-might of joy

I am from the cunning women you look over

Charmer of social harmony

I am as preserved as a people pleaser

I know better to condition my actions

By turning them into a guide

I am not absent-minded

Depressing away to a dark place in my mind

I am an innocent critter roaming around a room

looking for freedom by gnawing at anything that comes my way

I am practical and witty 

I condone the one important thing that makes me present

Sweeping away thy happiness thy radge

I wish to not be judged

I am from a significant museum of liberal arts

I seek for validation

and simple cries of truth

Gift me thy love

I am from an ascendent of my ancestors