Sports Talk

Students Come First

By Mia Fries 10/3/22

"What is your expectation for your players on the field versus off?"

When inquiring, almost all coaches made a point to bring up their push for student-athletes to stay on top of their grades. Whether it was designating a time before practice for study hall, or encouraging students to attend tutorials, grades are a top priority. Every coach made it clear that the Student in "Student-Athlete" comes first. Without a certain GPA, you can get suspended from the team.


The Tigers started this season with two wins but since then, it has been constant losses. Despite this, Tucker's team continues to persevere. Coach Jones says, “Whether we win or lose it’s just how you handle it. After all, this is really just the pre-season." Varsity football player, Amir Simmons, revealed what he thought the team needed to work on. He has been with the team for four years, “I’ve seen much improvement since I first started, especially with the new coaching staff, I think what we could really improve at is working together instead of as individuals."


Our Varsity Softball team won their first two games of September against Lithonia, one at home and one away. The star of the first game was their pitcher, Jaida Sorrell, who continued to strike out her opponents. Unfortunately, she ended up having a debilitating leg cramp during the second game, however, she powered through like a champ. Sorrell was able to keep the night's ball in the end.

Marching Band

The marching band has been working hard to perfect their halftime show. Members work from 3:45-7:00 every day after school to memorize their music and dances to show the other band who’s the “Biggest, baddest, band in the south!” For their new show they are going to be playing three Michael Jackson songs.