Winter Sports

by Mia Fries

Winter Sports are on! Varsity boys and girls basketball have been doing fantastic this year. I hope you didn’t miss seeing both teams on the court because the season is ending. The rest of the home games included girls' and boys' wins on the 20th of last month. “The team is a young team, mostly freshmen.” says number 1. They won 4 games this season. The boys' varsity were number one in the region until the game last Friday, which left the crowd on the edge of their seats the entire time. They lost by only 8 points, but they are still 12-1 when it comes to wins vs losses. Feb 3rd was also senior night, so of course, halftime was emotional for many.

Both boys' and girls' soccer teams are packed with potential as they enter the season. The tennis team had a lot of turnout at tryouts at the beginning of January, though last year it was small. I believe word got out. Our Baseball team has been practicing in the diamond behind the track and field. Many tigers are excited to see them show us what they’ve got, and at Sports Talk, we are following the team closely. On the track is our track team. They plan on taking the season in big strides as they line up at the starting line. Stay up to date on all sporting event dates, times, and locations for all of our teams at

It might be early, but if you are interested in being in a sport for next year, it is highly recommended that you find out who will be coaching that team. Remember, coaches can change out between now and next fall, so ensure you are kept in the loop. If you don’t know who the coach may be, then go up to Coach Heyen on A400; he can give you all the information you are looking for. The next issue will include the coaches for every sport and where to find them, so if you rather wait, that’s perfectly fine.