5 Christmas Activities

by Tori Corbett 

As these last few weeks of the first semester wrap up, all that’s on your mind must be Christmas, winter break, or any other holidays you celebrate. To pass the time, you may be wondering what you can do. Here are five Christmas and winter-related activities that you can do with friends!

1.Build a Gingerbread House

Building gingerbread houses may seem childish, but it is a fun activity that even older people can enjoy. You can build a gingerbread house alone or with other people. You can even turn it into a competition to see who has the best house! Making a gingerbread house can also be a romantic activity that you do with your partner. Consider this when you’re bored this season!

2. Movie Night with Small Activities

Undeniably, one of the best parts of this time of year is watching movies and baking. With your friends, significant other, family, or even just alone, you can watch all your favorite holiday movies in one night. Before starting the movies, you may want to bake your favorite holiday treats as well and enjoy them while watching the movies. Some popular Christmas movies are Home Alone, Elf, and This Christmas. You can also do things such as make hot chocolate, light your fireplace, or decorate.

3.Burr Baskets

Burr baskets are a cute gift with which to spoil your loved ones; they’re totally customizable, even down to the basket. The idea of a burr basket is having a festive basket or box and filling it with seasonal gifts. The seasonal gifts have no criteria, meaning you can make them special for whoever you choose. Some ideas could be festive candles, cute plushies, or matching Christmas pajama pants.

To step this up even more, you can make this out to be a gift swap! Agree on a set time limit to build your baskets and find a store you both love. Each person is trying to make the other a burr basket, so split off when the timer starts and buy the materials. Assembling the baskets can be done seperately so as to not spoil the surprise. Once both of you are ready, exchange baskets at the same time! This activity is both fun and meaningful, and will show you how well your friends know your taste.

4.Gift Games 

Gift games are games like Secret Santa and White Elephant. With larger groups of friends, these help ensure everyone is included and has fun. To play Secret Santa, the first step is to gather names. This can be done with the classic names-in-a-hat method or with apps and websites. Some website suggestions include Elfster, Drawnames, or Sneaky Santa. Each person will get a name, and you will buy the person you got a gift. On the established day, the group will gather and start the exchange! 

Another fun game mentioned was White Elephant. Rather than establishing assigned people, White Elephant randomizes what present will go to who. First, the group pools up gifts. After everyone has bought a gift, they’re all placed in one spot; friends will sit in a circle or wherever all presents can be seen clearly. Participants will draw numbers to decide who takes a turn. The first person picks a random gift from the pool and opens it. As the game runs, the players can decide whether they want to open a fresh gift or steal someone’s opened gift.

Some rules apply; a present can only be stolen once per turn. Three swaps end the turn. The end of the game is signaled when everyone has had a turn. The first person gets to have one more turn at the end. If someone has had a gift stolen, they’re allowed to steal from someone who hasn’t been robbed yet. The game ends when everyone stops stealing. The game has high stakes, causing laughter, drama, and all other melodrama in between.

5.Custom Decorations

A final activity you can do this season is make custom decorations. Customizing your decor gives personality and a sense of warmth to your home. This can be done alone, with friends, family, a partner, or even just your pet. You can make wreaths, ornaments, and so much more.

To summarize, there are many holiday activities you can do. You can make a burr basket, build a gingerbread house, and so much more. These activities are loved by people of all ages, and some can even be gifts! Try these activities this season, and have fun. Happy holidays!