Meet the Staff

Ryan Zimmerman


I'm a senior who loves to read, draw, listen to music, and write. My favorite way to spend my time is with my dog, and my favorite thing to write about is current events. 

Haley Gallardo


My name is Haley Gallardo and I’m a Sophomore here at Tucker High School! I love listening to music, volunteering, and writing. I enjoy writing about numerous different topics, ranging from food recipes to holiday history.

Jaqueline Garcia


I'm a sophomore who loves reading, dancing, writing, and listening to music. One of my favorite artists is Kali Uchis - I love her song "No Hay Ley" from her most recent album, Orquideas. Writing is a great pastime and a way to let my creativity out; I love poetry the most. 

Michaya Victor

Journalist | TOTM Columnist

I am a rising senior who enjoys running, listening to music, and playing guitar. I love spending time with my friends and enjoy feature and academic writing.

Hana Nur

Journalist | Advice Columnist

I’m a freshman. I like reading, writing, watching YouTube videos, playing games, and photography. I also love playing sports, and my favorite thing to write is advice.

Ilhan Nur

Journalist | Advice Columnist

Hello, I am a sophomore who likes writing, listening to stories, and reading books. I mainly write the advice column for the newspaper. 

Joshua Thomas

Journalist | SOTM Columnist

I am a senior who loves to meet new people and hear their stories. 

In my downtime I enjoy listening to music. My favorite subject to write about is the life stories of interesting people.

Shaila Thomas

Journalist | Agatha Adventures Columnist

I am a sophomore who enjoys crochet, cats, and cookies. My favorite way to spend my time is with a hot water bottle in a cold bed. My favorite thing to write about is Agatha (Agatha Adventures), and getting to decide whether she succeeds or fails in her craft business endeavors. 

Tori Corbett


Hi! I’m Tori Corbett and a couple of my favorite things to do are to read and watch movies. My two favorite books are The Fault In Our Stars and Archer’s Voice. Two of my favorite movies are Five Feet Apart and All the Bright Places. I’m also obsessed with my baby photos!

Shayla Ho


I’m a freshman and a new writer for the magazine. In my free time, I usually draw and listen to music. My favorite media includes Everything Everywhere All at Once, Moonknight, and Sally Face! I like writing about good music. I enjoy research as much as the writing. 

Caitlin Stuckey


I am a sophomore at Tucker who enjoys listening to music, writing, and taking pictures. I enjoy writing about many different topics.