May Agatha Adventures

by Shaila Thomas

Agatha Adventures

Green Scheme Everything Bag: 15 Orders

Agatha, a witch from the Wild, Wild, West lives in solitude with her cats Daisy and Mitsy (Mit-see) and her yarning hobbies. She runs a small craft business - emphasis on small - that she is working on to evolve into an inspiring and successful emporium. One “customer” said her ideas were wicked, but Agatha wonders why they never bought anything. This year she hopes to make a name for her business and establish herself as the renowned craftswoman of the West. 

This year has been one for the books. Agatha has successfully managed to start up her dream business and, in her eyes, has established herself as the craftswoman of the Wild Wild West. 

As an ode to her customers, Agatha plans to release an exclusive celebratory product. “The Wrapped Collection”, miniature keychains of all her favorite products she’s made throughout the year. Featuring jellyfish, stars, and bows. The idea came to her in a dream. IN the dream, she was sprawled on a bed of velvet flowers with jewels and stars, decorating their centers. Her cats, Daisy and Mitsy, twirled on their hind legs in the background. Behind her stood 8 massive dinosaurs, elegantly dressed in tuxedos and ball gowns whilst playing in an orchestra. Around her, strands of colored and textured yarn magically weaved together, knotting and twisting and gliding, forming familiar creations. “My products.”, Agatha whispered. That was when she knew it was a dream. There was no way an abundance of yarn could be able to form multiple enchanting creations without becoming tangled – all without a guiding hand, mind you! Nevertheless, the joining of all her handiworks was a memorable sight, and so, Agatha went straight to work.

Product Idea: Versatile Keychain Assortment 

Supplies: Variety of colored cotton yarn and corresponding size crochet hooks, a pair of scissors, a darning needle to weave in the edges, a small container to hold Agatha’s tears of joy 

Execution: Naturally, Agatha remembered it all. Every. Single. Pattern.  

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“Each sold separately!”