Agatha Adventures

Orders: 1 Exclusive Cotton Yarn Multi-Purpose Tapestry of Enchanting Cat  (inkypie_123) 

Agatha, a witch from the Wild, Wild, West lives in solitude with her cats Daisy and Mitsy (Mit-see) working on her yarning. She runs a small craft business - emphasis on small - that she is working on to evolve into an inspiring and successful emporium. One“customer”said her ideas were wicked, but Agatha wonders why they never bought anything. This year she hopes to make a name for her business and establish herself as the renowned craftswomen of the West. 

Last month, Agatha designed and published a new product for her business, which spurred one whole order. With this newfound confidence, Agatha hopes to continue making new products and succeed in her dreams of becoming the renowned craftswomen of the West. This month, Agatha, as always, had the perfect idea. Bookmarks. 

“Reading season is every season,” she says, “But there’s something magical about reading in the fall and something even more special about crocheting in the fall, I just can’t put my hook on it…” 

Product Idea: Crocheted Bookmarks 

Supplies: For this she needed yarn (cotton was used), a corresponding sized crochet hook, a pair of scissors, and of course inspiration.

Execution: Agatha followed two videos, one for the Lavender Flower Bookmark 

Lavender Flower Bookmark By: Kukkacrochet By Putri on Youtube


  And one for the star bookmark.

Star Pattern By: Fleur Crochet on Pinterest

For the star bookmark however, Agatha had to use her ingenuity to craft the bookmark body. To do this she chained 57 and half-double crocheted the second row. “Spectacular.” 


The Product

Hurrah! The product is complete, but will Agatha receive any orders for her new work of art? 

Will she progress any further in her aspirations? 

Find out next month…