Agatha Adventures February 2024

by Shaila Thomas

If You Even Care Bows: 5 orders

Agatha, a witch from the Wild, Wild West lives in solitude with her cats Daisy and Mitsy (Mit-see) and her yarning hobbies. She runs a small craft business - emphasis on small - that she is working on to evolve into an inspiring and successful emporium. One “customer” said her ideas were wicked, but Agatha wonders why they never bought anything. This year she hopes to make a name for her business and establish herself as the renowned craftswomen of the West. 

Love is in the air, and for once the Wild, Wild West is celebrating a holiday: Valentine’s Day.“Celebrating” may be a bit of an exaggeration, the decoration is primitive to say the least, but the ambiance is present. Agatha nearly lost all faith after the Christmas fiasco, but she cannot afford to slack off on her products and orders. She quit her corporate job long ago to devote herself to her crafts, and if this fails, she risks life on the streets – or worse, the plains filled with judgemental adolescent witches. So, on this rare occasion, Agatha decided it would be foolish not to make a new product. 

To begin, Agatha devised a plan. It was more like a machination, however, as it quickly became overly complex. It began with a heart, the epitome of Valentine’s. A personalized tapestry heart to be exact.  “What better way to show your love for someone than to give them something personal.” 

The idea seemed simple enough. Crochet a large heart, add a lace border, and create a variety of trinkets, letters, and charms for customization. However, when it came to make the heart, doubt began to blossom in Agatha’s mind. Valentine’s day was two weeks away, and the work it would take to finish dozens of hearts – along with trinkets to go with them – by the deadline had the potential to cause fatal injury. Agatha made half a heart before she decided to change tactics. 

Agatha was set on the customizable option so she decided on an easier alternative for the heart: jellyfish. Agatha could not explain the relevance of jellyfish to the romantic holiday; her mother always said that witches had a strange way of thinking. Agatha could only assure her customers of the jellyfish product’s mesmerizing tentacles and room for cosmopolitan variety. She is sure that these will give the jellyfish grounds for record-breaking sales, both in happiness and profit. 

Product Idea: Romantic Customizable Jellyfish

Supplies: An assortment of yarn varying in size, color, and texture, corresponding crochet hooks, a pair of scissors, and her cats for emotional support

Execution: Agatha followed a in-depth tutorial by Brunaticality



Will the romantic spirits bring prosperity to Agatha’s business, or will hearts be shattered on this day of togetherness?

Find out next month…