Agatha Adventures

by Shaila Thomas

Holly Jolly Festive Stockings: 0 Orders

Agatha, a witch from the Wild, Wild, West lives in solitude with her cats Daisy and Mitsy (Mit-see)   and her yarning hobbies. She runs a small craft business - emphasis on small - that she is working on to evolve into an inspiring and successful emporium. One “customer” said her ideas were wicked, but Agatha wonders why they never bought anything. This year she hopes to make a name for her business and establish herself as the renowned craftswomen of the West. 

“Animals, they really are animals”. Agatha unfortunately did not get her stolen tree back and therefore spent Christmas with just her two cats. She is still in shock. In addition to this Grinch-like activity, Agatha’s business is losing its market. She’s received no orders for her “Holly Jolly Festive Stockings”. Morale and spirits are low this holiday season. “They’re grumps, the whole lot of them. Did really no one in the Wild, Wild West care for my handcrafted stockings?”. Nevertheless, the show must go on. This just means that Agatha will have to amplify the festive feelings for her and everyone else, and what better way to do this than with her business. Maybe this will give it the boost it needs. Agatha gets to work, surveying her surroundings for new product information. She takes in the piles of scrap yarn she’s collected, and all the unwanted stockings. “Eureka! I’ll use the leftover yarn and create something dainty, something magical… bows, with gleaming, golden, ribbons.”Sometimes, when Agatha is alone, she likes to pretend that she acquired these ribbons strands from the back of a dragon. Her cats keep her sane.

Product Idea: Crochet Bows with Gold ribbon accents

Supplies: Yarn and corresponding size crochet hook, a pair of scissors, ribbon, happiness 

Execution: In order for Agatha to uplift her people’s spirits she must act fast. Time is of the essence and so, Agatha uses an easy 5-minute video by Asio to guide her in her crafts. 

The Inspiration:

Agatha wrestled with the yarn, loosening and tightening, starting over more times then she’d like to admit but alas, it was all worth it. Agatha couldn’t decide whether it was the ribbon accents or color combinations, but these bows really brought light during Agatha’s rugged and tiresome times. She could only hope that it would do the same for others. 

The Product: 

“These versatile and stylish bows ought to make someone happy”

Will Agatha’s spirit-lifting plans succeed? Will this product give her business the much needed love and attention it needs? Find out next month…