Agatha Adventures

by Shaila Thomas

Agatha Adventures

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Agatha, a witch from the Wild, Wild, West lives in solitude with her cats Daisy and Mitsy (Mit-see) and her yarning hobbies. She runs a small craft business - emphasis on small - that she is working on to evolve into an inspiring and successful emporium. One “customer” said her ideas were wicked, but Agatha wonders why they never bought anything. This year she hopes to make a name for her business and establish herself as the renowned craftswomen of the West. 

‘Twas the night before Christmas and Agatha was shivering in her household. No amount of hot chocolate or furry cats could warm her up. She was miserable. Not only was her tree stolen and chimney clogged by preppy raiders, but she could barely string a sentence together without her teeth chattering. All Agatha needs is some warm socks to keep her cold feet warm, but of course living in the Wild West means extreme weather that will not permit her to leave her house whenever she pleases.“(Clack) I-I’ve (clack clack) got an (clack) i-idea (clack)”.“While I’m at it, why not crochet the whole town a pair, maybe those pesky raiders will give me my tree back”. So, treeless and chimney-less, Agatha decided to crochet herself – and everyone else – a warm pair of socks.

Product Idea: Crocheted Pair of socks

Supplies: Velvet yarn, the softest and coziest yarn Agatha owns.

Execution: Agatha followed an easy, beginner friendly, Video by The Snugglery 

Unfortunately, Agatha’s idea did not go as planned. Little did she know, her thick and soft yarn would not be ideal to make fitted socks. However Agatha’s optimism was rewarding, so instead of making socks, she decided to turn them into Christmas stockings. 

The Product:

 The Inspiration:

When it finally came time to gift the stockings Agatha was turned away at every doorstep. “‘Tis the season to be jolly, fa la l-.” she cried out  at each house. Still her optimism persisted and Agtha decided to list the unwanted gifts on her website. 

Will Agatha finally find a home for these sock-turned-Christmas stockings? Will she ever get her tree back? Find out next month…