Christmas Treats

by Haley Gallardo

It's officially “the most wonderful time of the year”,  which means it's also time for another round of festive holiday treats. I'll list four treats to create and enjoy during the Christmas holiday; half of these treats don't even require the oven or stove. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit is to assemble these treats while in your Christmas pajamas, playing a Christmas playlist, and seeing the holiday lights beaming. 

This first treat welcomes a burst of surprises! It brings a classic drink and a creative mind together to create a memorable and delicious treat. Hot cocoa bombs are chocolate spheres filled with hot cocoa powder, marshmallows, and more. You can add whatever you wish into your hot cocoa bomb to make it unique to yourself. Hot cocoa bombs take around thirty minutes to an hour to make, and recipes are easy to find online. 

The second treat is perfect for guests, friends, and family alike. Gingerbread cookies are a classic festive treat. With these cookies comes another chance to take creative liberty; gather up creative decorations for your gingerbread and doll them up! While you’re at it, consider making the gingerbread person a home! Gingerbreadmen, and houses, are one of the most popular crafts that allow you to decorate as you wish. The time it takes to create gingerbread men varies on what you choose to create; you can take as long as you please.

Brownies are a wonderful comfort treat that gives people a chance to lay back and relax. Unlike the former treats, brownies’ success relies more on how they are made rather than decorated. Brownies can be made in numerous ways; there are different flavors and ingredients that can be incorporated to create a warm batch of brownies. There is a large variety of brownie recipes available online for all of your holiday needs. Creating your batch of brownies may take around fourteen-five minutes to an hour.

For a drink, I would recommend a warm glass of milk; it goes incredibly well with a freshly made brownie. 

The easiest out of all listed treats to make are skewers. Anything can be used to create skewers.Some ideas are: fruit, marshmallow, or vegetables. Skewers are an easy, clean treat that can be enjoyed by anyone. One combination idea is strawberries, grapes, bananas,  and berries. You may want to consider decorating your skewers to fit the Christmas spirit: put faces on fruits, or create a Santa hat with bananas and strawberries! 

Enjoy these treats on the couch while watching the Harry Potter series or Home Alone with your loved ones. This holiday is meant to bring people closer together, so I encourage you to create and eat these snacks with people close to you! Enjoy your delicious snacks, you deserve them!