Edible Autumn Craft Ideas

The fall season has come. You want to recreate the creative fall activities you see on pinterest, but you're not quite sure what to do or where to start. In this article I'll give you ideas on what to do and how to create them! The activities I’ll show you range from baking and cooking to arts and crafts and more. 

The first activity is a fall charcuterie board. This doesn't have to be fancy like the ones you usually see, have fun with it! Some ideas for this are chocolate or caramel covered popcorn, cookies, pie, chips, etc. Add anything that fits your liking, there are no rules for charcuterie boards. The best part about charcuterie boards is the creativity that goes into them. Some examples are decorating tangerines as pumpkins, getting seasonal oreos, and of course the placing of every item. Another idea for your board is a caramel apple bar – pick a couple of different apples, ready up your caramel for dipping, and create stations for your toppings.

Continuing with the theme of food, the second activity is baking! Two of my favorite treats to bake during fall are banana bread and cupcakes. Of course you don't have to do just those two, you can make your own pie, cookies, cinnamon rolls, and more. If you decide that baking isn't enough, decorate your baked treats! Create pumpkins out of cinnamon rolls, turkeys out of cupcakes, and whatever you can make up – or find on pinterest – that catches your eye!

Another activity idea is making your own pizza. Pizza is a great food to know how to make; it’s a flexible food that gives you freedom to personalize it to your tastes. Add your own toppings and bake your pizza however long you want! The best thing about making your own pizza is choosing which shape to make it and adding toppings in wild patterns. Build your pizza into a pumpkin, a leaf, or just a plain old circle. Be creative with your toppings and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! I doubt people will care too much if you add pineapple.

While you're performing the activities don't just do them alone, gather up your friends or family to share the fun. Inviting others to join you can create a joyful environment while getting ready for the exciting upcoming winter season. Next month there'll be many more exciting and entertaining activities, considering it'll be winter and “the most wonderful time of the year”.