Fall Into Fashion

As the days pass, the seasons start to change. Fall has come in full force, changing the weather from beaming sunlight to cold, windy clouds. With the changing weather, our clothes and fashion style change. For some, fall fashion is better than other seasons, while others don’t like this change. There are many ways people can approach this change of clothes, varying from sweatpants to cardigans to even shorts (for those brave souls who don’t switch it up). There are many different ways to dress for this season; so let’s look at some outfits!

Starting off, there are days where staying in bed seems like the only option and the motivation to dress up isn't there. These days, many people come to school in their comfy PJs or favorite sweatpants and hoodie combination. On the other hand, some people want to dress cute and bring out the sweater dress with warm leggings. This can also be paired with some boots depending on what you prefer. Not feeling the dress? You can pair those warm leggings with a sweater or even a cardigan with a nice top under. Many stores have special fall collections that they release for all ages, so these ideas are pretty easy to execute. To add, there are also many discounts around this time for spring and summer clothing as the weather changes, so you can stock up for the future. 

These aren’t the only possibilities though, and how you dress this season is completely up to you. There was a poll posted for a couple of days to see what fashion items are preferred by our school student body. According to the results, students prefer jeans most as bottoms and hoodies as tops. It seems like most students are excited for this change of seasons. Despite this year’s fall being colder than previous years, it hasn’t changed our student body’s love for this season. At the bottom of this article are the results of the poll; see how popular your favorite Fall outfit is! 

These results might not be the same next year, as fashion trends for fall are constantly changing. Students of the future might have a completely different perspective on fashion than we do now, so entirely new trends might emerge. Either way, this season is the time to dress warm and cozy for lowering temperatures. Considering all of this, how will you approach fashion this season?