Holiday Feels 

by Jacqueline Garcia

As we move into the holiday season, new emotions emerge in the air. For some, the holiday season brings joy – that warm feeling of getting together with friends and family. But what about those who experience the opposite? There are many people in the world who become melancholy, with nothing to look forward to during this time of celebration. Some people experience loss, and a disconnection with the world around them during this time. Although the holiday season is generally acknowledged as ‘the most joyful time of the year’, there is an underlying stress that looms over many and can affect each person differently. 

For students, the end of the semester approaches, with grades coming out and finals to be studying for. These deadlines can cause a number of issues within the community, as there is an internal struggle in trying to balance the fun holiday events and the stress of school. 

There are more personal reasons why this season is dreaded as well, whether they be finance, family, or simply a feeling within themselves. Winter is known for being a time of gift-giving – a tradition meant to show those around you how much you care about them. However, many people can’t afford this expensive tradition. With an added stress on finance, it can be hard not being able to please those friends and family who have high expectations. Some people don’t have any close friends or family accessible to celebrate the holidays with, intensifying feelings of loneliness. Knowing that the time to gather around with loved ones is here can be terrifying for people that don’t have anyone to celebrate joy with in their lives. A multitude of situations come to mind when it comes to the stress of having to plan winter or holiday events back to back. 

Adding to that pressure, many families suffer as they do not have the ability to bring that joy into their homes due to a lack of supplies. One thing that becomes evident during this time is how many families and people are in need. So for those of us who have the privilege of comfort this holiday season: donate and share the happiness with others that do not have the means to enjoy the season. Even the smallest contributions count. If someone is having a bad day, be the person to lift their spirits during these times. Offer someone who might not have anyone to celebrate with some company, or give a gift to appreciate someone for who they are. 

The joy and happiness of the holiday season can be shared. Many events are happening around the school to support the community and those in need, so participate! No one should be spending the holiday season feeling sad. Remember, everyone goes through life differently, so share the joy with those around you.