Movie Review

Creed III (2023):

“Creed III” is a continuation of the story of Adonis Johnson, a professional boxer who rose from fighting underground in Mexico to being the Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion. Both “Creed I” and “Creed II” focused on Adonis’s development as a boxer, however, “Creed III” takes place after his retirement from boxing. This new perspective allows viewers to understand different aspects of Adonis’s life such as his role as a father, his marriage, and his childhood. Adonis’s role in boxing also shifts from merely a boxer to a trainer, a sponsor, and a viewer. “Creed III” is a unique part of the series because it is the first “Creed” movie to be directed by Michael B. Jordan, the actor that plays Adonis. Michael B. Jordan’s influence is evident in the soundtrack, the plot, and the incredible cinematography. “Creed III” has something for everyone, boxing fans will enjoy the cinematic action scenes and sneaky cameos from current and retired boxers, while those who don’t enjoy boxing might be interested in the emotional story of Adonis’s upbringing and his journey as a father. 

Shazam! Fury of the Gods (2023):

“Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is the sequel to “Shazam!”, the story of Billy Batson, a teenager that receives superpowers from the gods. In this sequel, Billy’s friends receive powers and form a super team. The teens seem to enjoy their new lives as superheroes, that is until the Daughters of Atlas, a group of ancient gods arrive to destroy Earth. According to the Daughters of Liberty, the powers gifted to Billy and his friends were stolen from them centuries ago and they want them back. The “Shazam!” series is a classic superhero story where the protagonist must juggle teenage life and an alter ego as a superhero. However, “Shazam!”, is unique for the DC universe as it combines action and adventure with light hearted comedy for all viewers. Aside from some violence, “Shazam! Fury of the Gods” is an excellent movie for the entire family! 

M3GAN (2023):

When Gemma, a talented roboticist, suddenly becomes the guardian of her orphaned niece, Cady, she develops an AI doll named M3GAN to keep her company. M3GAN and Cady quickly become close, but as their bond develops, M3GAN becomes increasingly protective of Cady. As M3GAN’s loyalty turns to obsession, she causes problems for Cady and the people around her. Rather than utilizing violence and gore, the thrill of “M3GAN” is mostly psychological. Gerard Johnstone plays on society’s increasing reliance on technology and the potential dangers of its advancement. Being a horror movie, “M3GAN” is rated “R” and contains quite a bit of violence, which may make it a difficult film for younger audiences, but makes for a good thrill for those who can handle it.