As Halloween approaches, we embrace all things scary. Only one place embodies that spooky spirit like no other: Netherworld Haunted House. Netherworld is a self-guided haunted house with two separate attractions. It is located  in Gwinnett County and opened from September 22nd to November 11th. Netherworld consists of 100+ actors transformed into monsters ready to scare everyone. Lastly, their two attractions are Primordial and Cryptid Chaos.

Haunt Dates:

September 22,23,29 & 30 

October 1, 5-8, 10-15, & 17-31 

November 3-5, & 10-11


Unchained Elemental Power vs. Unimaginable Evil

This attraction depicts the Primordial beings of Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire being unleashed. It has eight chapters, all showcasing different elements of the world. It features The Sunken City of Horrors, The Lure of the Mermaids, Crushed by the Kraken, Massacred by the Mammoth, The Frozen Tombs of Whyshburg, Battered by the Beast Men, Stone Golems of Earth and Lava, Shrine of The Zombie Queen, Incinerated by the Fire Demons, In the Cave of the Dragon, Temple of the Bat Beasts, and the Pit of the Demiurge. This is the final battle to end the evil from the Netherworld, but will the humans win?

Cryptid Chaos

The Return of The Boogeyman

For Cryptid Chaos, the boogeyman is working to collect all the dark energy from many different realms. There are six chapters, all involving The Boogeyman and his helpers. You and your group must escape these treacherous creatures. It features Chupacabra Chaos, The Mothman Massacre, The Yeti in Chains, Trampled by the Jersey Devil, Flight of The Banshee, The Mongolian Death Worm, Haunted by the Hellhound, The Wail of The Siren Head, The Prey of Pigzilla, Threatened by the Thunderbird, The Sinister Surgeries of Dr. Squid, Death By The Dog Man, The Lair of The Lake Monster, and the Nightmare World Of The Boogeyman. This is the battle royale to place a new Cryptid Creature at the top of the food chain!

Important Information