A Homecoming in Review

Homecoming, Tucker High School’s biggest event of the Fall, was a huge success. To quote Ms. Oglsbey-Jelks, a beloved English teacher and sponsor of THS’s Student Government Association, this year's homecoming was “the best in a long time.” Over 500 students attended the Night In New York-themed dance, and there was participation from all grade levels throughout spirit week.

With that being said, it seems the aspect of this year’s homecoming festivities that made them so special was the enthusiasm from students and teachers alike. During last year’s homecoming, journalists from Collage Magazine interviewed veteran teacher Mr. Cooper on his thoughts regarding the spirit of Homecoming at Tucker High School. Throughout the interview, he expressed concerns about the state of Tucker’s Community and the lack of togetherness within the school. Those concerns translated into 2022’s Homecoming as many students felt misrepresented by the themes and activities. This year, though, every Spirit Week theme was chosen based on the opinions and ideas expressed by the Tucker Community. The democratic take on Homecoming planning brought the Tiger Spirit out of even the most uninvolved students and noticeably increased participation for each day of Spirit Week.

The day before the dance was the Homecoming Football Game where the Tucker Tigers were up against the Decatur Bulldogs. Many Tigers showed up to support the football team, band, and Homecoming Court. At halftime, the Ambush of Sound put on a truly entertaining performance, playing songs by artists like Silk Sonic, Fantasia, and Bruno Mars. Following the show, candidates for Homecoming Court were introduced and the results of the voting were announced. In the end, Jackson Pritchett and Serenity Butler took home the crowns for Homecoming King and Queen, bringing a big win for the Football and Cheer teams. At the end of the night, the Tigers pulled through with a 9-point lead against the Bulldogs. The game put an amazing end to the school week and got students excited for the next day’s dance. 

To further increase interest in the dance, the Student Council also asked for student input on dance themes. Weeks before, students were instructed to submit theme ideas via Google Forms and the top three themes were then discussed and voted on by the recently elected class representatives. On September 30th, the day of the dance, partygoers were greeted with a fully transformed gym, decorated to match the Night in New York theme, and with food served by Tucker’s own Culinary Arts students. A mixture of beautiful decor, good food, and blossoming Tiger Spirit made this dance one to remember for all in attendance. 

Many students would agree that this year’s Homecoming festivities were impressive, and if Tucker Tigers continue to show interest in the things happening around them and stay willing to share their opinions, Homecoming will only get better with time.