Elements of Destruction


by David Williams

The homecoming game was a major success thanks to our football team, but I would like to highlight an important part that only elevated this experience, our very own elements of destruction aka the drumline. The drumline is an important piece of the band and performs in the pep rallies to the stands at the games. Thump! Boom! Clash! The sounds the drumlines make you feel through your bones creating an everlasting good experience, but what is it like for the drumline to play at the games? Do they also get excited? How did they get to where they are now? Through the interviews we found out how the drumline makes headlines each and every time.

Starting with the section leader of the elements of destruction we have Davis Duchen!

Me: Did you originally want to play snare or did you work your way up?

Davis: I joined the band in fifth grade, more specifically concert band. I played in the band as well in Tucker Middle School where I played snare and I joined Tucker’s Ambush of Sound during my seventh grade year. I was also put on the snare even though I was young, so I have been playing snare my whole life.

Me: How is it like to lead the drumline during games?

Davis: I spent a lot of years not being a section leader and more of being a kid in the band. Sometimes it is stressful because it is a lot on your shoulders to set up practice and anything else really. It takes a lot of effort, but I enjoy it.

Me: How do you feel about playing during pep rallies, homecoming games, band battles or any other games?

Davis: If we are talking about the marching band, then there is nothing like the energy of being part of the drumline and playing against another band. There is something special about it and it takes a lot to do it, but it’s still pretty fun in my opinion.

Next up is Tae who plays the tenor drums and a section leader for the tenors!

Me: What is it like playing the tenor drums during pep rallies, homecoming games, or any other games?

Tae: Playing tenor drums comes with a lot of movement and being skilled with the tenor drums. We usually come up with the beats and we have to play loud. After all of that it is pretty fun and you get to enjoy how exciting playing in front of crowds is.

Me: Did you originally want to play the tenor drums?

Tae: When I joined the band I never thought I would have joined in the first place. First I started with the bass drum which are the bigger drums. The year after that I started playing the tenor drums.

Me: At the games sometimes band battles happen, how do you feel about them?

Tae: I am part of the band and when we battle it can get tense, but at the end it is whoever gets on top who wins. For the drumline battles I get really excited because it is just drums and you get to show off your skills to the opposing drumline.

Last but not least we have Caleb who plays the cymbals and a section leader for the cymbals!

Me: Did you always wanted to play the cymbals?

Caleb: I originally wanted to play one of the drums, specifically tenor, but I was placed in the cymbals and I have stayed there ever since.

Me: How is it being section leader and teaching others how to play the cymbals?

Caleb: I would say that it is a bit complicated because I have been playing cymbals since middle school, but it is my first year having to teach others how to play the cymbals. Even though it is complicated I still enjoy it!

Me: How do you feel about playing during pep rallies, homecoming games, band battles or any other games?

Caleb: Since I am senior I have played a bit more games than the others, and they were nice. I would say that I am proud of my section because of how far they have come since most of them are newcomers. As far as what we can do and show off at these games I would say I am proud of what we have accomplished.

After interviewing the section leaders of the drumline there is more depth to their hard efforts to achieving a higher standard of what it means to be part of the drumline. With the hard work they put in it makes it possible for us to enjoy the games and the pep rallies as well as for them to be proud of what they play. One last thing, how can we forget to include demonstrations on how amazing the drumline is? GO ELEMENTS OF DESTRUCTION!!!!