By Isabella Menjes, Akosua Baah 10/3/22

It’s essential, as a student, to support your school’s drives and fundraisers but it’s challenging to find out about them all. In terms of past fundraisers, a few weeks ago, our school partnered with the American Red Cross to hold a blood drive. Students 16 and up were invited to participate with parental consent. If you are a Freshman, Sophomore, or Junior and happened to have missed it, never fear as the blood drive happens annually. STAR, along with social studies teacher Pervis Cooper will be holding a book drive for children in grades 1-8 in Uganda. Please see Mr. Cooper in room B322 if interested in more information. For the past few weeks, Tucker’s International Club has also been selling shaved ice on Wednesdays through Fridays for $2 during all lunch periods. Itching for a bite of a delicious biscuit? If so, visit the concession stand across from the gym in the mornings to support various clubs. In the next few weeks, FCCLA will begin selling cookies for $2 each. More information will be put out about that soon. Although SGA’s fundraising options haven’t been solidified it’s safe to say they’ll be securing funds for this year’s homecoming dance through some fundraising event. Many sources have said that there’s a movie night in the works as well as possible raffles. We can assume, from previous events, that SGA may also be holding canned food drives, so stock up on those cans! So whether you’re giving blood or purchasing delicious snacks, you can support your school and its outstanding extracurriculars one bite, or pint, at a time.