Roses: A Love Story

Roses: A Love Story

This intricate rose pattern is a symbol of love, passion and desire. Woven with red threads of fate, it is destined to keep bonds forever intertwined. Stuck in the friend-zone? This will surely get you out. The perfect 

beginning to any love story, and a swoon worthy gift for anyone with a beating heart, this rose is worth the effort.


As mentioned earlier this is a LONG, INTRICATE pattern and some materials used in this video may not be accessible. (the hot glue gun, stem wire, etc.). With that being said, try to be as creative as possible. Tips will be mentioned. Enjoy!


A color for the bud of your rose - I used a shade of red but any color works

A shade of green for the stem, leaf and sepal - the greenery underneath the rose

In the video, wire is used for the leaf, but as a substitute, I used paper clips.

For the stem of the rose, the options are endless: chopsticks, pencils, wooden dowels - I assure your nobody will know.

Lastly, you will need scissors and a needle.

Video Pattern 

Crochet Rose Tutorial By: Tammy crochet & art

This video shows a step-by-step graphic demonstration on creating the perfect dreamy rose. An understanding of the terminology is highly recommended, it is not not taught in this video. There is no time lapse, and the artist moves at a slow, steady pace. For beginners of crochet, this pattern may prove to be slightly confusing, but moments like these build character. Re-watch the parts that confuse you, conquer the beast, slay your enemies and you shall gain the reward. As mentioned in the disclaimer, here are some helpful alternatives:

Wire = Papereclips - unravel them

Stem material = Chopsticks/Pencils/Wooden Dowels

Hot Glue = Any liquid adhesive you might have/Sew it

Happy Crocheting!