Secret Admirer 

Who do you secretly admire? 

To Derrick, the guy in 5th period art that sits in the middle by the teacher's desk. I think you’re very pretty. I would like to get to know you better. I know we don’t talk much or even at all but I’d like for that to change. I want to ask for your number so bad but I’m so scared of rejection. The only thing I can really do for now is just sit and watch and let the tide flow. I hope that tide pushes you to me. I hope to see you more. I hope to gain the confidence to ask you on a date or to be your friend. I hope you see me for who I am. I hope this finds you. In other words I really like you. I hope you like me too.

From: Your Secret Admirer

Dear Jackson Brady, 

Thank you for being one of my closest friends in a lifetime, I appreciate all that you gave offered me in this lifetime. Keep your head up and you'll get what you want soon enough. Don't forget to keep smiling <3

To: Noor

This is for Noor. This bro is so hot like oh my god please Noor notice me I beg of you omg like I love your singing and like you're so smart and stuff please know I love you Noor. :))))))))

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Aaron

Aaron (the dude in the brown beanie) be my first and my last.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Eli walker

Eli walker I think I have a crush on you.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Andrew

Andrew you a little cutey pie.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Melody K

Melody K you are so fine we should date

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Ajani

Dear Ajani, every night I dream of you my prince. And if my dream tells me it is so this it is prophecy. Soon the prophecy will be fulfilled as we will be united in our kingdom and king and prince.

From: your silliest jester

To: Ethan

Ethan, you're handsome

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Kaily

plz accept me on ur private instagram :/

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Epherata zeleke

like chocolate- so divine

and sweet- as a peach.

out of a dozen, you're a dime,

yet golden- you're the sand on a beach.

if you don't want to be mine,

and you're out of my heart's reach,

at least be the strawberry to my wine.

a table for two, let's take a sip each.

listen to tennessee whiskey by chris stapleton shawty.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Johnny Lam

So there's this boy in my 5th period math class whom I've taken a liking to; his name is Johnny Lam. I don't know too much about him except that he seems to be pretty smart and he keeps to himself a lot. Sometimes when i do see him he's often sitting alone at lunch; typically speaking i wouldn't want to bother him since he seems to be in his own world, so i tend to just keep walking. Maybe it's the fact he's so reserved is what i like about him; he isn't so loud like the others. He barely speaks at all. I don't really have much, i wanna say, just thought id make this to let him know that someone out there likes him. Hopefully it'd make his day.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jewel

Her name is Jewel Patrice Jonathon Jenkins Long the 4th. She is very special to me because of her flowing hair, her sweet smells, and tender hands. Every time she walks, I can't help but imagine if she walked into my lips. I follow her to class sometimes and just wish that one day she'd notice me. I'm an S class mega geek and has never even touched a girl before. I hope that one day I don't have to smell her strands of hair when they drop on the floor. I hope to hold her hands and kiss her, of course, I don't know how to kiss. I hope we get married and start a family. Sincerely, your Mega Geek Crush, Arnold the Anonymous.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Unknown

You're my bestest friend, you are someone who I would care for the most as if you were close to me. I'm always nervous about talking to people, but you make me comfortable the most. The person reading will not know who this is, but this is the person I like the most out of everyone I know.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Sosina

I love hanging out with you and I think you're great. Good luck with your comic, I'm hoping you'll have better luck than I have :]

From: Calyptra

To: Leah

heyyyyyyy Leah, I love you I'm sorry I don't say it enough. you're like the best person to ever come in my life. and quite frankly ur flytastic. and just do things for you. love, secert admirer

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jose pretzantzin-perez

Heyyy(with rizz) Happy Lupercal day Jose pretzantzin-perez

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Harrison

You have really pretty eyes and I love your personality.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: landen

love u :3 

From: : ˚ʚ♡ɞ˚

To: Eleanor

Eleanor, give me one of your hoodies. 

From: -R

To: Brenda

Dear Brenda, I am so thankful to have you as a friends, and I am so glad a friendship was able to blossom between us this year.🫶🏾

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Hamilton

Happy Valentine’s Day Hamilton😏

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Gabriella Addy

You don’t know me and I barely know you. I’ve seen you and you’ve seen me. I love your rosy cheeks, how your hair curves around your face like a puzzle, your pearl white smile that can easily bright up a room, and your glasses that get to sit on your beautiful face how I just envy them. You don’t have to notice me but know that I notice you.  For the gorgeous and beautiful, Gabriella Addy!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Hamilton

Happy valentine‘s day Hamilton lol

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jayce Cao

You should buy me food sometime

From: Your bestie



From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Talyn

Talyn I got a crush on you

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Maliq

I just want to say that Maliq you’re so handsome and look good every time I see you

From: Iwsyd

To: Zari

There are so many things about you that I simply can't ignore. The beautiful complexion of your skin, the versatility of your hair,  and how you bop your head to the tune that you chose to walk down the hall to. Every aspect of you is beautiful, even the ones that you doubt. How you shake your legs whilst concentrating in school, and go silent when you're frustrated. But what gets me the most is how you blast your music as you drive to your favorite destination. Home. Home is what you feel like to me. You bring me a comfort that I never knew I could find in a person. So allow me to do the same for you. Make me your home.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Adedayo

Adedayo, you have long nice hair, you have a beautiful smile! your literally my dream boy! I'm the girl you never patience attention but I want all of ours all the time. I know sometimes I can be difficult and work your nerves but I wanna be the one who also helps relives your though. I know I may sound crazy but let me be your Tiana and you can be my naveen, let me be starbutterfly and you be Macro Diaz, I wanna be Jazmine and you can be my Aladdin! ! because in my eyes your perfect. All I'm saying is Be mine, because were not getting any younger and I'm trying to make US last til the end of time!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: only you, SQ

My heart aches with abhorrence every time I think of you. If the melancholic songbirds had lyrics to their melodies, your name would be their common refrain. How I wish I could eternally forget our saccharine-tinged memories, their summertime sweetness now fading with every recollection. This is my last chance to reach you; by nighttime, my mind will be spotless. But even then, you know where to find me -- if you ever decide to speak again.

From: Epherata Zeleke

To: Olivia

Oh Olivia, my heart's sweet delight,

Your voice, so pure, gives me a beautiful sight,

With every note, my soul takes flight

And I'm lost in the love of your light

Your words so gentle, yet strong and bold,

Wrap me in comfort, a love story told,

In your melodies, I find my home,

And I am forever yours to hold

Oh Olivia, you are my heart's song,

A melody I'll cherish all life long,

Your love is the beat that sets my heart free

And I am yours, eternally

From: Adam.F

To: number 4 on the girls varsity soccer team

every time you play soccer, I can't help but watch                                                                                                                                                                      

I want to stick with you like scotch (tape)                                                                                                                                                                              

your eyes are so pretty                                                                                                                                                                                                              

you make me so happy I wanna griddy                                                                                                                                                                                       

I hope to make you mine                                                                                                                                                                                                      

please be my valentine                                                                                                                                                                                                              

but before I go                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

I want you to 


I love the way you fall                                                                                                                                                                                                              

you are better than them all

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Francisco Okoro Ojiaku

To Francisco Okoro Ojiaku, you fine. I've thought you were cute since freshman year. You probably don't know me, but if you're interested in figuring out you can ask Ms. Johnson in room B209

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jennifer Mcintosh

Jennifer Mcintosh 

You play soccer 

you mentor Damien Debacher 

what cant you do?

 my heart stops in its tracks

 when I think of you

 red, blue, green, yellow

 when i met you i went hello 

my poetry is bad and thats ok

 I just hope you never go away

From: jonathan Jacobo

To: Caitlin Phengdara

I long to hear your voice everyday, despite our current circumstance; I hope to see you in the flesh, of course, in the coming days. Your recent presence at public functions involving a certain sporting team has lifted my spirits, though I still suffer from your absence. Do not be distracted by those fools who do not deserve your affections, and never will.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Ava

hey girl, are you a uhhh umm uh sorry because uhh umm uhhhh i uhhh

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Ryan Zimmerman

You are a great friend, and I'm so grateful to have you in my life. Every time I see you my sympathetic nervous system activates and my fight or flight kicks in. I will always appreciate your trickle down economics. Your ability to thrive under capitalism is phenomenal. I love the way you can block out any and all criticism. Rock on Girl Boss! Keep Calm and Pickleball! <3

From: Mugatu

To: Sam

I love you from your dookie braids to your chunky converse,

 I love your cute necklaces, Love it when you wear a clutch purse,

 I known you since 8th grade back when we were reckless,

 Our love isn't worst than Ms. thumb but thats what makes us work ;) -Sam

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Pedro Ramirez

DEAREST PEDRO RAMIREZ, I have had my eyes (plural) on you my dearest Pedro for the lest seven months 2 weeks and 4 days. You don't know me because I am to nervy wervy to approach you👉👈🥺🥺. Pretty please tomorrow wear those pajama pants that belong to your brother and your cute wittle panda dunks. One day you will be mine Pedro Ramirez. But until then my wall of your pictures will suffice. Our love knows know bounds. -your little kitten!!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Dearest Ajani

Dearest Ajani, if I could cast a love spell on you, I would. Sadly I have run out of brewing ingredients and am currently questing through the forsaken forest of long lost love. Soon we will be united my love. FOREVER!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Tucker 

Biro you are very cute and I really love your accent you’re also very smart.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Aiden

I think that you’re so cool, with all your piercings, especially your septum, and even though you can act like a blockhead sometimes, it’s funny, and I like it.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Juniper

Juniper, my heart yearns for you, you are very beautiful and smart and I desire to be yours

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Adam Oussaid

I think Adam Oussaid is such a wizard guitar player! I think his mullet is pretty freakin EDDIE MUNSEN ROCKIN TO🤘🤘🤘

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jacob Dayoub

I think Jacob Dayoub is such a cute little goblin. I would guess his riddle any day of the week!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Haley Gallardo

Haley Gallardo has to be the most amazing person I've ever met. She's the best girlfriend a guy could ever imagine being with. Everyday I spend with her is pure heaven. I love her more than anything else in the world. I love you Haley <3

From: Your boyfriend

To: Andrew Arias 

Andrew Arias is so cute I don't know if you have social media but you're such a cutie patootie and I would love to talk to you.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Bawi Parr

Dear Bawi Parr, you are the light in my life, the sunshine in my eyes. You play that bass drum so majestically, I cry for seven hours. Your hair touches the depths of hell, and that is where I am going so I like that very much. You are so amazingly amazing. You are the moon landing if it was real. I love you like I love my father, hopefully you don’t die 🫶🫶🫶

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Harrison Edgar Morledge

Harrison Edgar Morledge has to be the most hot person ive ever laid our eyes on how is a man this fine, I wanna caress his hair and be in his skin I love Harrison please marry me 

From: your future Wife

To: Eyoel

Eyoel is hot 🥵

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Fallen

Fallen is so bad I wish she would date me she’s sooooo bad just give me one chance

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Kwasi

Kwasi is kinda handsome 😁

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Eyoel

Eyoel u are so fineeee but you never reply please check you messages little cutie

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Eli

Eli San is really cute 😊

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Eli

Eli Can you do smth for me, can you hit a little rich flex for me

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jiya

your tennis skills are inspiring.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Elijah Walker

Your broken wrist makes it look like you've fought in a grand battle. So cool of you. Happy Birthday.

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Elijah Walker

You have really nice eyebrows!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Madison Walker

Madison Walker, you are the bestest person ever. I love you ever so much and your oddness. Even though sometimes you wear me out, I love you so so so so so so much. Enjoy your day whenever you read this <3

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Safia

I love you bae XO <3

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Ace

you're so fine i really wanna get with you, you wear the coolest clothes some days you just look so hot in it omg..

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Helen Par

I don’t know what to say, but I guess I’ll start with “I love you”

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Nor Musa

Nor Musa, I'm glad to have you as my bestfriend, your best friend <3 

From: your best friend

To: Norris

Norris a real one he be clutchin up in latin ong great guy 2

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Terrence

Dear Terrence,I fell head over heels for you since last year I was so bummed that you was not able to go to hoco  those letters I wrote meant that I care about you a lot not even that I like the conversations we have sometimes I also like how you like to put others first like your pops that is really sweet I hope one day or someday you come across this letter till then ., XoXo Riley.. ps happy early birthday or late.

From: Your Secret Admirer



From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Sabrina

Hi, Sabrina, you’re the coolest Sabrina ik💕

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Dafne Serrato


From: Your Secret Admirer


To: Donatela 

donatela is so pretty 🤭

From: Your Secret Admirer


To Caitlin Phengdara

I miss you, and I wish I could make you feel better. <3 

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: beloved Luke

I like ya cut g.  Cheeseless Christ

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Jackson Brady

Thank you for being one of my closest friends in a lifetime, I appreciate all that you gave offered me in this lifetime. Keep your head up and you'll get what you want soon enough. Don't forget to keep smiling <3

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Heaven Sealey

I really like your big dark brown eyes and I get butterflies every time I see your perfect smile. You're so gorgeous, but that's not all. I love your kindness and your energy. You’re sweet and short and it’s so adorable. I would ask you to go to homecoming with me, but you probably already have a date. 

From: Your Secret Admirer 

To: Marissa Fernandez

You are my ride or die ily.

From: Kate

To: Alex Vickery

Omg you’re so cute!

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Lucas Duncan

Hi, I think you’re sweet and I hope one day you figure out who I am but until then, I like you. 

From: Your Secret Admirer

To: Ruth

You cute!

From: 2nd Period Guy

To: Inez

You have stinky feet. Put them dogs up! They barkin'. But you're my best friend so it's okay.

From: Your BFF

To Lando:

Try to keep your head up Lando. You got this. We don't know what you're going through but you can do this.

Love: Your Homecoming Queen Sister <3

To Will Johnson:

Will Johnson, get me. Come get me!

From: Secret Lover

To Jay (Jennifer):

We should hang out sometime. FRL


To Ekram M:

Let's play scary games.

From: Your Secret Admirer

This goes to someone who I saw everyday, ready to learn. I met you once at a birthday party, having the best day ever, swinging on the swings with everyone at night, laughing like crazy. And we played on the trampoline until we all fell of tiredness. We all sat and as I was sitting, my heart flustered from joy and the fluster of liking you. I didn't want to admit it as I was nervous. but who knows...We are friends, though I feel flustered and nervous when I see you.

From: Feeling Flustered

Dear Vivian,

You've been an amazing friend for as long as I can remember. I wish I showed you (my appreciation) more. You may receive a gift soon :)

From: One of your many friends

To Norris:

Thnx for being a funny guy.

From: J.T.


You're my best buddy and my coolest pal.

-Justin Beiber

To Jayce Cao:

I hate your friends! But I love you, bro.

From: Your bro

To Anya Chambers:

Anya please marry me, you're so pretty and cool and awesome ily.


Hi Jessica Vu!

You're so pretty and I love your shirts, glasses and vibe.



I love you bro! I appreciate all you do. You're a great friend. 


To Amir Farrag:

I watch you while you sleep. (ha haha)