Student Spotlight

By Moira King 10/3/22

Jocelyn Rodgers was recently elected as the sophomore class president here at Tucker. She acknowledges the definite divide at our school but is focused on bringing it together with things like Homecoming. When asked why she ran for class president, she said, "I just wanted to be an advocate for my peers." Outside of school, she enjoys activities such as makeup and hair, in which she can see the final product and say, "Wow, I just did that!" For those wanting to be involved, she recommends, "Join any sport that you think you may be good at! Teammates are like a second family you can trust and rely on. She enjoys looking at the way people think, the decisions they make, and what leads people down certain paths. With this in mind, she is considering a future career in either criminal psychology or behavioral sciences. I also asked her what qualities determine a good leader from bad? She replied, “Leadership is a mix of things. When you advocate for others, you can take something into your own hands when it needs to get done, and guide others so that they fulfill all tasks.” "Leaders are fair, good listeners, and trustworthy. If you can't confide in your so-called leader, are they a leader?"

Her friends describe her as goofy, smart, and hardworking. Jocelyn lived with her grandparents for most of her life, and her grandmother is still often able to help her through hard times. Her biggest goal for the year is to have a good presidential term. "I want people to look at the year and say I remember when she did this and this and this!" said Jocelyn. If you see her around, make sure to say hello!

See what Student Council is up to on their Instagram: @tuckerhs.stuco

Jocelyn’s Instagram: @thatsojocelyn