December Teacher of the Month – Ms. Millican

by Ryan Zimmerman

Ms. Millican is December’s teacher of the month for her lively classes, her passion for history, and her endless patience. Even her lectures are entertaining; Ms. Millican goes above and beyond for her students, and her flexibility knows no bounds. 

Ms. Millican got her undergraduate degree at Queens College, masters in social studies education at Georgia State, and specialist degree at Piedmont College. She originally worked as a human resources consultant for a bank, but became a history teacher to use her degrees and because she loved the subject. One interesting fact about Ms. Millican is that her score on the Miller Analogies Test was high enough to get her into MENSA, a high-IQ (genius) society. 

She has been teaching history for 20 years, and has been at Tucker for 10. Ms. Millican teaches US History, IB History of the Americas, IB 20th Century History, and Theory of Knowledge. She has always understood the value of learning one’s history; Ms. Millican “want[s] young people to understand how the past has shaped the present and how it will continue to shape the future.”

Ms. Millican’s personal motto is: some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue. 

Outside of school, Ms. Millican spends time with her wife, two sons, and dog (Sadie). She is an avid Atlanta sports fan, and religiously watches ATL United and the Georgia Bulldogs. Ms. Millican enjoys running, and can often be seen roaming Tucker’s halls in her running shorts and baseball cap after 1:30. This Christmas, she and her family will continue their annual tradition of driving around neighborhoods admiring Christmas lights. 

Fellow history teacher and close personal friend Mr. Mooney says she is a rare combination of smart and funny. “She’s a great homie,” he reflects. 

Ms. Millican’s easy banter with her students is evidence of the effortless familiarity she cultivates with each of them. They adore her genuine desire to connect with them and her unique personality. 

If she could leave students with one thing, Ms. Millican encourages them to vote, especially in midterm elections. She encourages young people to never underestimate the strength of their vote and their voice, and believes they have boundless potential to foster change.

Millican family portrait