February Teacher of the Month - Ms. Johnson

by Michaya Victor

Ms. Genevieve Johnson is a teacher who embodies all the qualities of a remarkable instructor. She is known for her passion, creativity, and dedication. Ms Johnson is an inspiration to her students as well as her colleagues. For twenty-eight years she has touched the lives of countless students with her love for teaching. Mr. Mooney, her friend and colleague, says, “Every school needs at least one Ms. Johnson – preferably ten!” 

Ms. Johnson’s mother, also a teacher, was Ms. Johnson’s inspiration to choose teaching as her profession. Ms. Johnson was a dedicated and accomplished student; she received her undergraduate degree from Spelman and her graduate degree from Harvard. Ms. (OJ) Oglesby-Jelks remarks, “Ms. Johnson holds a plethora of knowledge and information with her vast reading abilities and her continuous view of life.” 

Her friendly personality is one of the first things people notice about Ms. Johnson.  “She is extremely caring and never meets a stranger.” Her colleague and friend Dr. Walker states. Ms. Johnson welcomes her peers with open arms. Ms. York described how Ms. Johnson cared for each of her fellow teachers on a personal level “(She) showed how much she cared... (by) bringing us breakfast, inviting us to a football game, or just checking in.” Her friendly nature is not limited to her colleagues; it also extends to her students. Ms. Johnson goes above and beyond for her students, be it engaging with them casually, proofreading essays, or enforcing their confidence in their writing skills.   

Ms. Johnson wants her students to be confident in themselves and to know that they are more capable than they think they are. Ms. Duncan says, “She is passionate about encouraging students to engage critically with text and galvanize a love for literature.” Ms. Johnson is a contemplative educator and encourages her students to push past basic understanding. She desires for her students to make connections between what they are learning and their personal lives. Above all, Ms. Johnson wants her students to be well-prepared for their lives beyond high school. 

In her free time, Ms. Johnson enjoys knitting and traveling. She is an avid reader and spends time actively cultivating her reading skills. She also enjoys building relationships.  

Ms. Johnson is a passionate leader, inspiring educator, and a considerate mentor. Her colleague Ms. Millican’s words reflect the thoughts of many students and staff members at Tucker High School:

 “She is an icon and irreplaceable.”

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