January Teacher of the Month – Ms. Hughes

by Michaya Victor

Ms. Chasity Hughes is known for the encouraging atmosphere that she creates for her students. Her hard work and dedication to her students are why she is not only January’s Teacher of the Month, but Teacher of the Year. The 2023-24 school year marks the 10th year that Ms. Hughes has been teaching; she spent all 10 at Tucker High School.

One of the first things that many students and teachers notice about Ms. Hughes is how organized she keeps her classroom. Organization is essential with as much as Ms. Hughes has on her plate. In addition to teaching math, she is the sponsor for the National Honor Society and BETA club at Tucker High School. She is an excellent role model for her students and often helps them to organize their assignments and manage their time. Ms. Hughes creates a lively and engaging learning environment while keeping her classroom in a structured state. 

Ms. Hughes was born and raised in Dekalb County. As a child, she balanced a busy schedule and was involved in dance. Along with dance, Ms. Hughes also enjoys cycling classes and puzzles. 

In her early years, math was challenging for Ms. Hughes, but in high school, her math teacher noticed her potential. According to Ms. Hughes, this teacher made math an enjoyable experience for her and inspired her to embrace math. By the time Ms. Hughes got to university, she knew she wanted to teach math. Her work helping others in math during college also helped her understand her growing love for the subject.

Ms. Hughes inspires confidence in her students with thorough explanations and patience to answer her students' questions. She enjoys seeing her students collaborate to solve problems and overcome misunderstandings. Ms. Hughes wants her students to apply what they are learning to their everyday lives, and hopes that all her students will be proactive about their learning.

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 (Ms. Hughes with her mother) 

(Ms. Hughes at the Teacher of the Year Banquet) 

 (Ms. Huges and her father at high school graduation)