November Staff of the Month – Mr. Bui

The staff of the month for November 2023 is none other than Tucker High School’s Information Technology (IT) specialist, Mr. Chuong Bui. Mr. Bui led an arduous life since he was young. Born in Vietnam, he left his native country at the young age of 13. He boarded a boat in search of safety and refuge in a foreign country, Indonesia. His boat, already packed to the brim with 29 people, very quickly became 30 after one of the couples had a son. It was increasingly obvious that the voyage would be one that tested the mettle of the individuals involved. Fortunately he arrived in Indonesia unscathed and in fine fettle. 

From Indonesia Mr. Bui took the next step in life, a step that would introduce him to life in the western world. From Indonesia, Mr. Bui traveled over 8,000 miles to the East Coast of the United States, specifically California. This monumental step showed him how life is on the other side of the world. Such an invigorating and electric environment provided him with the opportunity to pursue an education while hanging out with friends. 

Taking a step back from his busy life, Mr Bui decided to venture into a new chapter – one that prioritized his future. Mr. Bui traveled once again (though this time domestically) to where he stays now, Georgia. Here he found stability, and a job he not only enjoys but is incredibly good at.

Mr. Bui’s assiduous nature coupled with a diligent work ethic is what makes him one of the best in his field. His job gives him a front row seat to the eclectic world of AI (Artificial Intelligence). He is excited to watch this new technological field advance, especially in the education industry. Mr Bui believes AI is a tool. Though there are security concerns and ethical issues, Mr Bui believes that AI will further our society immensely overall. He hopes to one day see teachers using AI in their classes to help give more and more students the help they deserve. 

If he’s not running around Tucker High School helping anyone and everyone, Mr. Bui just might be playing tennis or watching an action movie. Some of his favorites are the Transformers series and the Iron Man trilogy. 

The final advice from May’s staff of the month:

“Finish the job today instead of waiting for tomorrow, always be proactive not reactive.”