November Teacher of the Month - Mr. Cooper

Mr. Pervis (Coach) Cooper is adored by many students and staff members alike because of his natural charisma and humor. Since 2005, Mr. Cooper has impacted the lives of many students here at Tucker High School through his teaching and while he coached basketball and softball.  

Mr. Cooper realized that he wanted to be a teacher in high school. He enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment he got from helping his peers understand topics they did not understand in class. In high school, Mr. Cooper was a great student and took advanced classes. There were teachers and coaches who made an impact on his life. Mr. Cooper holds onto the advice that he received from these people and believes that the words he received from them helped shape the man that he has become; now, as a teacher, he wants to have a similar impact. Mr. Cooper hopes that something that he has said or done will impact his students in such a way that they will want to share it with their future children. Through impacting his students this way, he hopes to establish a legacy that will carry on through his students. Through molding and shaping the future, Mr. Cooper hopes that he will live on through his students. 

No two days are the same when it comes to teaching, and Mr. Cooper enjoys that aspect of his job. He knows that a repetitive job would not suit him, and he is grateful for the variety that comes with teaching. Mr. Cooper teaches freshman courses, and he enjoys that he can be the foundation they build upon on their academic journey. 

Mr. Cooper has always been fascinated with History and Social Sciences – he enjoys studying how people interact with each other and how we got to where we are today. Mr. Cooper sees teaching Government and Geography classes as an opportunity to open the eyes of his students. He wants his students to expand their understanding of the world.  

After taking his class, Mr. Cooper hopes that his students will gain more understanding of the world and the country that they reside in. He wants his students to grow into adults who will make better decisions and understand what is going on in the world around them. Mr. Cooper also wants his students to be happy in life, doing things that bring them happiness and make them feel great.  Mr. Cooper believes that:

“The only greatness that you will have in your life is the greatness that you bring to yourself.”