Staff of the Month

 By Joshua Thomas

Officer Akkers

 “Let time be the best teacher, live your life as a 9th grader or 17-year-old and enjoy it.”

– Officer Akers, 2023 

The Department of Justice defines the role of Student Resource Officer as “sworn law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools”, but Officer Akers shows that the role is much more than a glorified policeman. His actions and attitude are what has earned him October’s Tucker High School Staff of the Month. 

Over the 7 years he has served this school, he has witnessed almost 8 graduating classes. Along with those new successive classes came an evident change in culture yet, one thing always remained steadfast: Officer Akers’s personal investment and commitment to ensuring every student has the “best experience they can have at Tucker”. The metal detectors are just one step of many that he uses to perform his job to its fullest. He says, “Safety is important but so is making sure the kids roaming the halls are in a position to reach their full potential”. 

Life is not always as clean or simple as others make it. Because of this, Mr. Akers does his best to offer a kind ear and responsible advice towards the youth hoping to illuminate their path regardless of how dark it may seem. He has never seen his job as one purely dedicated to stopping fights or monitoring security but one that ensures that the student community enters and leaves THS as young adults, equipped to handle life outside of our campus. 

Mr. Akers’ understanding and belief of the importance of community came from both his childhood as well as his time spent living in the Netherlands. There, social welfare and social responsibility are an integral part of their culture; the idea of “all for one & one for all” was incredibly prevalent, so much so that the country has adopted a pseudo socialist society. Officer Akers has lived in Tucker since 2001 and takes great pride in seeing the “Spirit of Tucker” in the cracks and crevices of the high school, but when he is not committing himself to the school he enjoys spending time with his family or listening to music. His favorite kinds are ones that evoke a sense of nostalgia as well as whatever else speaks to him at the time. 

Officer Akers hopes that the students that read this understand the value of communication. Whether you talk to him, a teacher, or someone close to you, having guidance is beneficial because “You are your community and your community is you, the better the worst person is the better we all are”. If you want to take advantage of Mr. Akers’ impeccable advice and trustworthy support you can find him patrolling the halls or in his office.