Staff of the month

by Joshua Thomas

November’s Staff of the Month is Tucker’s Star Crossing Guard. Be it rain or snow Ms. Annarese Ashford is always reporting for duty with a smile on her face. Hailing from the beautiful island of Trinidad, Ms. Ashvore started working at Tucker High School in early 2017, a little over half a decade ago. Her interest in America was sparked by her father, who had lived here for nearly 40 years prior to her immigration. Looking for a change of pace, she readily accepted her father’s offer to come stay in America. It isn’t easy being a crossing guard,especially at an intersection as busy as LaVista Road during rush-hour. There is always the very real risk of students getting hurt or even killed by oncoming motorists. Ms. Ashford can attest to it, yet she continues to be present, just as enthusiastic as the day before. Her motivation, “Seeing the kids happy and safe everyday makes me glad, and reminds me it is all worth it”.

The Effect of an Affable Crossing Guard