Who’s serving up engaging education with a smile these days? 

By Joshua Thomas, Michaya Victor  10/3/2022

October's teacher of the month is the heart and soul of the Language Department, Madame Davis. A woman of extreme dedication, Madame Davis moved from her beautiful home in Mauritius to America and decided to become a teacher. Mauritius is a small island located in the Indian Ocean to the east of Madagascar. 

Madame Davis moved to America because she was inspired to teach French and share French culture and language with her students. To earn her teaching degree, she attended university in India. Madame Davis was the first woman in her family to attend university. Despite much adversity, she overcame this challenge and obtained her degree. During her first year at Tucker High School, Madame Davis experienced many challenges. However, her perseverance and support from colleagues allowed her to embrace her role at Tucker High School for over fifteen years.  

Her favorite part of teaching, after thirty years, is seeing how her students flourish and succeed in their future endeavors. “That’s the part that really makes me feel this job is worth it,” says Madame. 

Her no-nonsense approach to teaching is rigorous and engaging. Even adults that enter her classroom must make their request "En Français".

Madame Davis continues to show her selfless nature time and time again at Tucker. She plans to volunteer at a charitable organization until her daughter earns her medical degree. Madame Davis has changed many lives in her fifteen years at Tucker. She will be missed by her many students once she retires following the end of this year. 

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