Teacher of the Month

Michaya Victor

Coach Hartry fills his lessons with firsthand experiences and practicality. He also coaches the boys' basketball team here at Tucker High. He does all this with a smile and a desire to get to know his students. It is for this reason, and countless others, that Coach Hartry is the November Teacher of the Month.  

Coach Hartry was raised in Milledgeville, Georgia with four brothers and a sister. Couch Hartry was mischievous as a child, but despite his troublesome streak Coach Hartry respected authority and did well in school. As a child, Hartry thought his parents were strict. However, reflecting on his childhood, he now says that his parents were loving disciplinarians that gave him everything he needed. Hartry always loved basketball, and his dream was to play basketball professionally. However, life had different plans - he was injured, and prevented from playing basketball at a professional level. 

After his injury, Coach Hartry put his education degree to good use. He has been teaching for a total of thirty-two years, twenty-five of those years he spent teaching at Tucker. He also coaches basketball to remain involved in the sport that he loves. Coach Hartry says his favorite part about teaching is helping motivated students satisfy their hunger for learning. 

Coach Hartry lives with his wife, whom he says is his rock. He has two daughters. One of his daughters is currently earning her PH. D., and the other is a lawyer. When he has the chance, Coach Hartry likes to visit his hometown of Milledgeville and wants to move there once he retires.  

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