Teacher of the Month

By Michaya Victor

Ms. York

Ms. Lisa York has an endless love for stories. “I think the human spirit and soul is captured in literature,” she says. Literature is not limited to books; movies, music, and art are also forms of literature. Ms. York believes that literature plays a vital role in a person’s purpose and helps people to express themselves. 

This incredible English teacher has spent much of her happy childhood in Granville, Ohio. Her childhood is full of fond memories of family gatherings, loving and supportive parents, and spending time with her identical twin sister. Her family spent time on the road together exploring the United States. Ms. York knew she wanted to be a teacher ever since the ninth grade. Her ninth-grade Literature teacher helped her to fall in love with literature with his enthusiastic spirit. 

One of MS. York’s favorite things about teaching is being around creative and curious minds every day. She hopes to help create lifelong learners who help move the world forward. Ms. York wants her students to leave the classroom empowered in their voices and connected to themselves, to others, and to the world. 

Ms. York has been teaching for eighteen years. This year is her second year at Tucker High School. Besides teaching, she also has experience of coaching soccer and cross-country. Ms. York has special insight into the student experience; while teaching literature to her students, she is also pursuing her Ph.D. She believes that her experience allows her to be creative and sympathetic with her students. 

When she is not teaching, you can find Ms. York either reading or listening to an audiobook. She also enjoys running and traveling. Ms. York enjoys spending time with her two cats, Mirage and Mochi, and her loved ones. 

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(Ms. York’s cats Mirage and Mochi)

(Ms. York with her family)

(Ms. York with her family)